Every founding member of this company is an investor. We understand the struggle of finding a reliable and efficient property management company, especially in Metro Detroit. Our approach is to treat your property like our property and make sure things are handled in a way that would exceed your expectations. We respond to your calls and we get it done right, the first time.


It started at a Detroit investor meeting. Three investors sat down to converse on the difficulties of reliable property management. That conversation sparked several more. Quickly our team realized if we wanted it done right we would have to lay the framework for a successful company. That company leapt off the paper and is now Zest Property Management Company, LLC. Our founders have a combined real estate background of over 15 years experience, lending past and current expertise to our property management division.




Vanessa Smith is a sales and marketing professional with a decade of combined experience in property management, lead generation, outreach, and business unit leadership in ultra-competitive markets. Her management experience includes both single family and multi-family. She has a vision, sets clear goals and brings out the best in people with her compassion and excellent communication skills.



An unusual mix of financial acumen, business consulting experience, and general frustration with managing rentals brought about a spark in Tim’s mind that may forever change the world of task estate investing. He gathered a team of real estate and property management experts to do one thing: making real estate investing SIMPLE. Perhaps one day they would create a world where investors could truly be simply investors.

Tim is always awesome to work with, and Susannah has been extremely helpful in communicating and understanding what I want from my rental properties. Highly recommend working with Zest!

Hayato Hori

Zest has done a 5 star job! Vanessa Smith, like 5.5 stars! We couldn’t be happier. Thank you for watching over our investment like it matters.

Mark Tomes

Ivan and Ramal has done a phenomenal job here. They tested and made sure everything’s was in great working order.. If I could have them each time for maintenance it would be great!

Thanks Zest, Ivan, and Ramal! 🤗

Shasta J.

Tori is such an awesome Maintenance Tech! Courteous efficient and a very handsome young man. Zest definitely should hire more like him!

Stephanie Pierrie

Ramal was super knowledgeable and took the time out of his day to explain his role in the company and I am looking forward to working with Zest in the near future! Whatever Zest is paying him, it should be double!

Faith Made

There was several repairs that needed completion and Ramal and Jeff did a great job. We still need to touch up a few details however I would like to thank them and Zest for a job well done 👍🏽

Mr. Williams

Will B was an amazing maintenance man. He had all his materials and tools. He fixed everything in a timely manner and did a great job.

Savanna Williams