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Results Oriented 

We are aggressive about growth through real estate. Our expectation for our clients is a MINIMUM net return of 8-12%+. We want you to grow with us. We help you achieve these numbers through market data analysis, preventative and predictive maintenance, and expansive marketing to draw in quality tenants.

Next Level Customer Service

  • Personal Communication: We provide easy communication between owners, tenants, property managers and the service team. Our expectation is to respond to all requests within one business day, in addition to providing 24/7 emergency maintenance service.
  • Attention to detail: Inspection checklists, city inspections management, documentation of work and repairs with before and after pictures and receipts, regular review of utility bills, and project management.
  • Tenant Screening: Detailed application where credit, criminal and eviction history is reviewed. We follow up with qualified candidates to review rental history and income verification before accepting the most qualified applicant.
  • Contractor Screening: Verification of licensing, insurance and bonding. We track ongoing key performance indicators such as timeliness, quality of work, cost and rework.


We are proud of the area we work in. Our experience allows us to maximize profits for our clients. The management team you will be working with consists of a crew that has managed thousands of homes over the last few years. This is the team you need.

Working within the same industry for many years I have yet to come across another PM company that puts ethics and compassion before money. Tim, Vanessa & The Zest team care for not only their property owners but their tenants as well with the utmost attention. They keep in-house staffing of all branches of pm giving them the ability and flexibility to operate on the most efficient levels with both cost & time. It is always a pleasure working along side Zest.

Elizabeth Rehner

Joe Walls was an awesome guy and provided excellent service and showed professionalism. I’ve been waiting on service for two whole months and they sent out one person that created another issue and they sent out someone to fix that but not the original issue. Finally they sent out Joe came right in an fixed it in one hour. Great Job

Renee J Jones

Tori was very professional and extremely helpful! All repairs were done in a fast and timely manner. He truly went above and beyond to handle and fix all repairs. He cares about his work and makes sure the customer is satisfied and happy before he departs. Thank you bc it was truly appreciated. Hard workers like you make all the difference.

Jalessia Pittman

Ramal and Jeff were absolutely amazing! I’m more than happy with the work they’ve done on behalf of Zest. They not only explained everything to me, but made me feel comfortable and at ease during the repairs!! Thanks so much you guys!!!💜
I’m so happy to have had Odele come and fix my windows and front door. He went above and beyond! Top notch service!!!

Alena Waters

Vanessa was very professional since I started using her to manage my 8 rentals in Detroit. Her communication and transparency were like a breath of fresh air compared to my previous manager.

Yuliya Sarkisova

5 Star: Very professional, knows the Metro Detroit area well, and always very responsive!

Katharin Schaefer

Vanessa Smith has been helpful, friendly, and a true professional from the first day we met her! Her warm personality, and prompt replies made our decision a breeze to go with Zest Property Management!

Amy Deguzman

5 Star: These guys are just straight up amazing. Such a friendly group of people and they actually care about the tenants they manage. Tim and Vanessa just absolutely nail it on customer service and Rick is on point with the repairs.


5 Star!

Lacy Soria

5 Star!

Elizabeth Stein

The crew over at Zest are seriously the best. They are responsive, creative and passionate. Couldn’t be happier!

Adam Carroll

Very professional, knows the Metro Detroit area well and is always very responsive!

Katharin Louise